I'd like to

help you be a rockstar manager with a thriving team.



  • You are stressed by having a full plate yourself while also managing others.

  • You're tired of feeling like you haven't quite figured out this whole boss thing yet, even after years of being a manager.

  • You're new to managing a team and want to get on the right path early.

  • You simply want to be a rockstar boss!


I get it! It's time to invest in yourself so that you and your team to thrive.  

  • Leading your team with more confidence and less frustration.

  • Having a trusted advisor and sounding board to talk to when things are tough.

  • Gaining insights and identifying approaches to help you address challenging situations.

  • Learning more about yourself, what you value, and how you can live up to your own vision.

  • Implementing strategies to support your ability to prioritize, delegate, plan and achieve your goals.

*ALMOST* Everyone Benefits from Coaching

A coach can be your biggest fan, your confidant, your truth-teller, your mirror, and much more. It’s all about finding the person with the right mix of expertise and personal style. But even the best coach can’t win the game for you. To get the most out of the coaching experience, you’ll need to:


  • Share openly and honestly about your experiences, struggles and strengths.

  • Listen intently with a learning and growth mindset.

  • Complete activities such as reflections and assessments to help you dive deeper.

  • Come prepared for all coaching sessions.

  • Experiment, take risks and try new things to transform yourself and your team.



I can’t say enough about how awesome it is to work with Mamie—she’s a very human and understanding leader who cares about the people she works with and genuinely finds joy in helping people succeed. She was whip-smart at analyzing the issues I was facing and breaking down my brain-dump and stories into concise issues, repeating them back to me, and then offering actionable approaches to the matter at hand, as well as some rules of thumb to help in other situations. If I hadn’t worked with Mamie, I would probably still be stuck in old ruts.


Mamie has been an extremely valuable resource, helping my team to increase our organizational impact and effectiveness. She brings significant expertise in organizational and group process, and interpersonal dynamics.  

Mamie is an exceptional facilitator! She makes great use of tools to frame discussion and is a natural at guiding conversation without driving direction. Finally, Mamie is a great synthesizer. She is a great listener who has been able to capture various points of view to develop meaningful and actionable models for my team.


Mamie's unique approach to management has made me realize the rewards of putting my team first. Her tremendous moral values guide her coaching and in turn have helped me create a company that is truly a good place to work for my employees. She is also creative and strategic. Mamie has a calming, knowledgeable disposition and is excellent at coaching me through crises as well as helping me break down goals into manageable tasks. I can't recommend Mamie highly enough! 


Learn more about coaching options and pricing by downloading the coaching overview. 



I love helping people grow, but I only take on a limited number of clients. I work with leaders and managers who are driven to be (even more) awesome at their job and are ready to achieve their goals while cultivating a healthy, high performing team.

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