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Leverage Your Voice

How to Facilitate Great Meetings + Be Heard

April 11, 2018

Do you hesitate to speak up in meetings?

Do you struggle with being heard at work?

Do you want to advocate for others on your team (or in your organization)?

Join me and Jackie Miller, Co-Founder of Bespoken for a 90-minute professional development deep dive on how to ignite your voice and meet with impact. Together we'll explore techniques designed to help you empower your unique voice, assert your space, and strengthen your communication, meeting facilitation, and management skills.


  • Find your unique voice in high-pressure situations

  • Identify your vocal and physical strengths and weaknesses

  • Clearly articulate your ideas to an audience

  • Understand how to leverage your unique communication style

  • Learn facilitation techniques to support productive meetings

  • Be prepared to guide a conversation regardless of your role

Hack Your Personal Productivity

March 14, 2018

Join me for a special Members Only event at the Center for Social Innovation to learn tips on how to get the most of your time.

- Identify your own productivity blockers and habits

- Learn how to implement best practices, tips and approaches to being more productive

- Identify 1-3 practices you want to implement

- Learn how to implement these practices in your work

- Get more done in less time!

Interactive Workshop: Fundamentals of Effective Meetings

Live Workshop in New York City

September 12, 2017

1:00PM - 5:00PM

Join me and my Meeteor colleague Tai Tsao for this half-day interactive workshop! You’ll learn effective meeting practices that transform your meeting culture, like meeting preparation, facilitation, note-taking, and follow-through. You’ll also learn how to leverage technology to facilitate, sustain, and improve these practices over the long-term.

How to Lead Meetings Without Losing Your Mind

Free Webinar!

June 13, 2017

3:00PM EST

As a team leader, you may be playing multiple roles in meetings - facilitating, taking notes and keeping the conversation on track. Each task in itself requires a certain level of concentration, and taking on more than one can be challenging (if not exhausting).

In this webinar, I'll share strategies to navigate the complexity of running a successful meeting.

Social Innovation Summit

Conference Round Table Session

June 08, 2017

3:30pm CST

Join me at the Social Innovation Summit to discuss how organizational culture impacts a team's ability to innovate and create impact.

How to Design a Meeting that (Actually!) Achieves Results.

Free Webinar!

June 06, 2017

3:00PM EST

Meetings don’t need to be the time-wasting, anxiety-provoking, resentment-inducing experiences many have come to expect. Well-designed meetings can actually support your team in making decisions, building relationships, and moving work forward.

In this webinar, I'll share everything you need to know to prepare for a meeting that achieves results. You’ll learn how to use technology to make meeting planning more pleasant and effective.

How Poor Meeting Practices Sabotage Your Organization’s Success

Free Webinar!

May 30, 2017

3:00PM EST

An estimated $37 billion dollars per year in the U.S. is wasted on unproductive meetings. Besides financial costs, poorly-run meetings harm employee engagement and organizational culture and performance. On the flip side, improving meeting effectiveness can be one of the biggest and most accessible opportunities for organizations to drive productivity, build healthy cultures, and achieve greater results.

In this webinar, I'll share how effective meeting practices can support your organization’s success and will provide actionable strategies to implement at your workplace.

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