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Is your team new to working virtually? Join these two webinars to quickly transition to working from home.

Webinar 1: Work Productively From Home

Set yourself up for a productive day with these practical strategies for working from home. Get ideas for how to start and end your day, set up your space, minimize distractions, stay focused and more.

Webinar 2: Become a High Performing Virtual Team

Learn approaches, tips, and digital collaboration tools that can help your team quickly become a high performing virtual team. This webinar will orient you to best practices for building relationships at a distance, virtual meeting best practices and tools, staying aligned on work, and more.

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  • Do you hesitate to assert your voice in a virtual workplace?

  • Do you struggle to maintain the focus of your audience during remote meetings?

  • Do you want help maintaining the integrity of in-person collaboration in a virtual setting?


Together we'll explore techniques designed to help you empower your presence on-camera, assert your voice in web-based meetings, and strengthen your virtual communication, meeting facilitation, and management skills.


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Everything a manager needs to know to delegate successfully.


One of the best ways to free your time is to delegate. Unfortunately, delegation often goes awry. Sometimes you spend more time and attention than you expected. Other times the results is now what you intended. Delegation is a skill that anyone can master. If you're ready to become a rock star delegator and make more time in your day, this course is for you!


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Registration closes January 10, 2020.

10% off Make More Time Course 

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MOMENTUM: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings is is not only a comprehensive, action-oriented guide for running worthwhile meetings, it's also a culture transformation tool that builds awareness of the real impact of bad meetings. In Momentum, you'll find a blueprint for success, including actionable tips you can immediately implement with your team. 


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10% off Momentum 

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Boost your meeting leadership capabilities with my 1-hour Leading Meetings for Results and Real Leadership course.


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50% off Meeting Leadership Course

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