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I‘ve spent most of my life trying to improve the world because I live in a constant state of gratefulness and constructive dissatisfaction. Much of the time, that means helping others manage themselves, their teams and their organizations more effectively. Between art school and business school, being an entrepreneur and a mom, I’ve learned that how you work is just as important as what you accomplish. Helping others implement this lesson–that’s my mission.

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I started my first business when I was twelve, a summer camp for children in kindergarten through third grade. After having a sub-optimal experience at summer camp myself, I knew I could do it better. Over time, this turned into a passion for helping others work more effectively because:

I believe in the ability of people to change the world. I believe that technology is a powerful enabler. It allows us to do more, better, and faster than we are otherwise humanly capable of. Technology does this in small, daily interactions and large, decade-long endeavors. If there’s an app for that, I probably use it.

I believe that teams can be more than the sum of the individuals who form the team. Different contexts require different forms of teaming, but regardless, shared purpose, trust, and listening are critical to success.

Whether working with others or alone, I believe we are most productive when we have rules (or explicit agreements), rituals, routines and habits that guide how we work, but we must also be diligent about evolving and sometime abandoning them.

In 2013 I founded Meeteor whose mission is to help people individually and collectively work smarter and happier. Through training, coaching and consulting, Meeteor enables teams and organizations to develop a healthy and productive meeting culture. But my expertise and passion go far beyond meetings.


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I'd love to help you unleash your managerial greatness. I take on a limited number of coaching clients based on my capacity and our fit. If you're interested in exploring coaching, please complete the intake questionnaire and book a complimentary introductory call.


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