Whether in a room of 20 or 2,000, Mamie is able to engage an audience with her compelling messages. She mixes research, lessons learned, and how-to tips to make her sessions educational and energizing.
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What Meetings Say About Your Culture

How to align your values with your meeting practices. Critical activities happen in meetings: Decisions are made, insights generated and shared, relationships built and power expressed. How meetings are run is a reflection of your organization's culture and an opportunity to express your organizational values. Mamie shares the relationship between meetings and culture, approaches for aligning your meetings and values, and builds enthusiasm for finally doing something about your meetings. Talks for this topic include:

  • How meetings are sabotaging your success
  • The interplay of meetings with organizational culture
  • Building a culture of effective meetings
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Meetings That Achieve Results

Plan and run meetings that move you forward On average, ⅓ of the meetings you attend will be a waste of time. For managers, that can be up to 8 hours each week! Meetings don’t need to be a distraction from getting real work done. Mamie shares best practices and tips for transforming your meetings, and unveils how your meetings can have a greater impact than you might realize. Talks for this topic include:

  • How to hold a meeting that achieves results
  • The power and payoff of effective meeting notes
  • Developing effective meeting habits
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Managing an Effective Team

Create a strong, healthy, and high performing team Your team is one of your greatest assets. Yet too often, leading and managing others feels like a burden or distraction. Mamie shares her experiences and lessons learned for how to grow yourself as a manager and develop your team into a collaborative success. Talks for this topic include:

  • Becoming an effective manager
  • Collaboration and communication for high performing teams
  • Developing and cultivating your team members
  • Establishing team culture and process
  • Identify, evaluate and onboard the right people
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"Mamie’s workshop was engaging, informative and empowering. The opportunity to focus on learning and increasing productivity and purpose in the workforce is truly valuable. Thank you!"


-- Kate R, Director of Campaign Operations