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The Path to Personal Growth and Team Transformation

As managers, many of us find ourselves needing to learn new skills and develop new competencies in order to be effective people leaders. This growth, however, is not an event that occurs overnight after reading one book or attending one workshop. Real, lasting transformation is a process, a series of consistent, small steps that eventually lead to a significant shift in ourselves and the culture we create within our teams.

Skot Waldron is a communication strategist, coach, podcast host, and author of the best-selling "Unlocked: A 52-Week Guide For The Intentional Leader", understands what it takes to transform into the best version of yourself. Skot shared with me his philosophy and tips for becoming the leader you know you can be.

Know And Love Yourself

Understanding who we truly are forms the cornerstone of this transformative journey. It begins with self-awareness and self-love—taking a deep look within ourselves to understand our strengths and appreciating the unique value we bring to every interaction. 

When we learn to value our individual strengths and stop comparing ourselves to others, we start to lead effectively. Skot explained that if we’re burnt out, we are limited in how much we can support our team members. If we don't appreciate our talents, we’re more likely to overlook the talents of others. This core understanding of self equips us to inspire others, manage ourselves thoughtfully, and engage with others intentionally.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is a familiar place where we feel safe and secure. Skot explained that our natural inclination towards comfort often leads us to stagnation. This is where the mediocre lives. But if we want to grow, we need to embrace discomfort, or at least accept it as an essential part of personal development. He also reminds us that what is comfortable and tolerable for us may still be causing problems for our colleagues. Pay attention to when your willingness to live in the land of barely acceptable is keeping you and others from doing and being your best.  

Shift from Placing Blame to Accepting Responsibility

No one likes when things don’t go as planned. When they do, we’re quick to point fingers as to why the project is behind schedule or we explain away why the client decided to go in a different direction. It’s natural to feel a bit helpless in moments when other people’s behavior is a problem. But as managers, it's crucial to understand the difference between blame and responsibility. Skot describes blame as backward-looking, a way of relieving ourselves of any accountability. It disempowers us, negating our personal power. Responsibility, on the other hand, is forward-looking, focusing on solutions and averting future errors. 

Skot noted that we often have more power than we realize. While we can’t control everything and everyone, there is often something we can do (or could have done) that would lead to a better outcome. By taking responsibility for our part in the situation, we reclaim our power and cultivate an environment of accountability.

Follow the 1N:5P Ratio

Leading and managing others require effective communication. Dr. John Gottman, in his insightful research, highlights the importance of maintaining a balanced ratio of positive to one negative communication in relationships. It usually takes about five positive interactions to counteract a negative impression. As leaders, maintaining this balance is essential to build trust within our teams.

It helps to remember that not every negative or positive interaction feels monumental. Skot shared that it's often the small things, like not sharing information transparently or habitually missing deadlines that count as negative moments. The same is true for positives. While verbal praise does wonders, managers can also connect with their team members for a few moments before a meeting on personal topics, to show they care. 

Invest In Personal Growth Every Week

While it may feel like a long road ahead, it begins with taking one step, followed by another. When we take a few minutes each week to reflect on who we want to be and then turn that inspiration into action, we can make slow but steady progress. The more we focus on taking action on what we’ve learned, rather than seeking new inspiration and hoping it will do the trick, the more we unlock our own potential.

Leadership is an ongoing journey. It's about growing ourselves and helping our teams grow. As managers, let's step into this journey of transformation, embracing discomfort, responsibility, and open communication. Let's lead with love, empathy, and understanding, fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and unity.

Listen to the entire episode HERE to learn more about conflict management.

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