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How to Find an Effective Accountability Partner

Do you struggle to follow through with your goals? Making progress on goals while keeping up with your day-to-day managerial responsibilities can be challenging.

According to accountability coaches Tasha Howland and Cheron Porter, finding an accountability partner is one proven strategy that can significantly help you and your team members achieve big things.

In my recent conversation with Tasha and Cheron, they shared that people are 95% more likely to accomplish a goal if they have an accountability partner! It’s more impactful than having a written goal or even a plan. That’s the power of social accountability.

What is an Accountability Partner?

A good accountability partner is someone who helps you stay committed to and working towards your goals. This person holds you accountable for your decisions and behaviors that affect your progress, like exploring why you didn’t accomplish something or what got in the way of completing this week’s task.

In most cases, accountability partners provide a structure for self-discipline and motivation, especially when you get distracted or fall off track. Having one can also provide you with a fresh perspective, unbiased feedback, and that gentle little nudge to keep pushing your limits.

Tips for Finding an Accountability Partner

Selecting the right accountability partner is crucial. It’s not as easy as choosing an outfit from a retail store.

To give you a quick rundown, here are some suggestions for finding the right accountability partner for you.

1. Avoid choosing a family member, a direct report, or your best friend.

A good accountability partner should be kind and respectful yet unafraid to call you out when you miss a task or make ridiculous excuses. For this reason, Tasha and Cheron advise you to choose a partner outside of your immediate circle.

While family, friends, and immediate colleagues may have the best intentions, you need someone who will respect you if you don’t hit this week’s to-dos and won’t bring up the past when you become vulnerable. The last thing you’d want is someone who keeps reminding you of how many failed attempts you’ve already had.

In addition, you want someone who allows you to be vulnerable about your struggles. If there is a power dynamic or any need to prove yourself, you’ve chosen the wrong person.

2. Find someone who shares the same values (and goals) with you.

An accountability partner isn’t just a confidant; they’re more like a companion on your journey to success. Finding someone who resonates with your values and possibly shares similar goals helps establish a firm foundation for a fruitful partnership.

As mentioned by Tasha and Cheron in one of their examples, when both parties operate from the same ethical compass, the potential for misunderstandings and conflicts is lower.

Moreover, there’s just something nice about that feeling when you both are in the struggle together, even if your goals are your own.

3. They must show commitment and grace.

While you’re committed to the goal, your partner must be committed to you. Ideally, they have their own goal for which you’re their accountability partner. This way, the commitment to showing up each week and supporting one another is mutual.

Here’s another excellent factor that every good accountability partner should also have–-A great accountability partner knows when to call you out and when to be supportive. They can even help you give yourself grace when you’re being overly hard on yourself.

It’s important to remember that not being able to get something done right on schedule is okay sometimes. Life happens. An accountability partner should be your biggest cheerleader because they’re as invested in your success as you are.

Giving up on your goals is easy, especially when the road gets more challenging. But having an accountability partner committed to seeing you achieve your goals is a game-changer.

Finding a good accountability partnership goes beyond assigning tasks and scheduling accountability conversations; it should be about fostering a culture of responsibility.

As a manager, your role is to hold your team accountable and provide the support and resources they need to achieve their goals. By helping each of your team members find the right accountability partner, you’re setting them up to be wildly successful.

When you invest in building a strong accountability framework for your team, you pave the way for increased productivity, higher team morale, and, ultimately, the achievement of everyone’s goals.

If you want an in-depth discussion about this topic, listen to my entire conversation with Tasha Howland and Cheron Porter HERE and learn how to increase your and your team’s accountability so you can all achieve your goals.

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